3D geometric models


Geometric models for 3D Virtual Environments require a high degree of realism without high level of detail. This means that things may not be as in real world but they must look like in the real world. These models are normally composed by triangular meshes in which the number of triangles must be as low as possible in order to avoid overhaeds in the real-time rendering process.

To overcome this limitation, different Levels of Detail are used and realistic textures are mapped into the meshes, providing a realistic appearance into a relatively simple model.

Each model may be composed by one or several meshes connected by hierarchical links simillarly to what happens in the real world.

Currently any existing or non existing geometric object can be modelled to become part of a Virtual Environment. Imagination is the only limit...


Virtual agents


When a certain behavour is assigned to a geometric model in a Virtual Environment, it becomes an agent that plays a certain role in the environment. The geometry is no longer the main (or the unique) atributte of the virtual object but instead it becomes just one more.

Virtual agents may have the capacity of recognizing the world around them and interact with the user and with other agents in the Virtual Environment.

The sea on the figure is itself an agent whose behaviour depends of the sea state defined and of the camera position and orientation.

Virtual agent classes may be developed independently of the Virtual Environment into which they will be embedded using abstraction. Obviouslly, agent classes that derive from the virtual agent abstract class may require additional functions to be compatible with the Virtual Environment.

Agent behaviour and attributes are specified normally taking into consideration their behaviour and properties in the real world. After specification, I use C++ for implementing agent classes.

Virtual Environments

I also also develop full functional Virtual Environments to run in desktop computers.

My area of specialization is oriented for martime scenarios and simulations but I can work or provide assistence in other fields as well. Just expose your ideia...