Modelling for CAD

CAD modelling is used in conception, development and production stages of the design. These models usually use NURBS surfaces and curves to define the geometry of the objects/structures.

CAD models are normally more accurate than polygon models and allow to take measurements and test for collisions more precisely.

Tipically, all the information can be retrieved from a CAD model calculation purposes. However, they are also computationally heavier and not suitable for interactive simulations or Virtual Environments.

These models may also include parametric definition of geometry.

From hull surfaces to structural systems, every part of the ship can be modelled efficiently with NURBS surfaces to obtain a real scale data model of the ship.

We develop our CAD models in Rhinoceros 3D using NURBS surfaces and curves that can be exported in IGES format to other compatible CAD systems.




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Modelling for Animations and Virtual Environments

3D polygonal modelling is used for real-time simulations, games, or movies. Different levels of resolution are used used depending of the purpose for which the model is build.

Real-time simulations such as games, normally require low polygon models in order to reduce the computational work required to render the model. The reduce detail in the geometry is compensated by realistic textures and ambient shadows that are pre-computed and mapped into the geometry of the model. This allow to obtain realistic models suitable for real-time interactive applications.

If the models are to be used in movies, then the time constrains for the rendering task almost does not exist, and the geometry of the models may be much more detailed. The use of textures is still advisable but only to improve the quality of the materials applied and not to represent small objects in the scene. For these cases, pre-computed ambient shadows are not necessary and all the shadows should be calculated be the rendering engine.


A coherent and equilibrated geometry of the model with regular sized quads and triangles is also important to obtain a workable and more clean model the can reflect de desired and realistic lighting.

In order to obtain a realistic scene, the quality of the textures and the lighting parameters are often more important the the geometry of the model itself.

We can model all types of objects and build realistic scenarios with the both for real-time and non-interative animations. Ships are what we usually do more but we accept all types of requests.



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