Hello and welcome to my webpage! Maritime Virtual Worlds is a website dedicated to support the Video Game and Simulation Industries. I develop contents and provide services such as the production of 3D models, the development of plug-ins for 3D software packages, or even the development of numerical real-time simulations with physical basis. My initial background was on Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, but then I embraced the world of Computer Graphics and my PhD included a very significant component of real-time simulation in Virtual Environments. I created this website to present some of the work I've already developed as well as some of the services and products that I'm able to provide.

You can also check my CV here. Please contact me if you wish to request services, need assitance or have any other question within this scope. Or just send me an E-mail to varela@maritimevirtualworlds.com.

I hope you enjoy visiting the website.


José Varela